Art and History

The Power of the Past, the Everlasting Myth

Bellini, Titian and Tintoretto - The Venetian School of Color

500 Years of Venetian Painting

From Gothic to Renaissance

An architectural Tour: from Renaissance to Neoclassicism

North meets East: Venice as a Melting Pot

A Venetian "palazzo": Ca' Rezzonico and the 18th century

The Guggenheim in Venice



Venice for Beginners

A Dorsoduro Discovery

Discovering the Cannaregio DistrictDiscovering the Cannaregio District

Exploring the Lagoon

Venice History for families: Two legendary Venetians

Venice with the Kids: the Ultimate Theme Park or a Living Memory of the Past?

Gliding down the Grand Canal


Venetian Lifestyle

Private Luxury in 18th century Venice

Cicheti & Nizioleti

Venice Gourmet

Venice Master Artisans



Murano Art Glass: the latest Trends

Photographic Tour

The Royal Retreats of the Venetians

In the Tracks of Poetry


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