Venice History for families: Two legendary Venetians

Venice History for families: Two Legendary
Did Casanova really exist? Was Marco Polo a Venetian? This tour takes you first into the secret section of the Doges’ Palace. We will pass through the meandering corridors and the somber torture chamber, and will go into the Piombi, the famous prison from where, in 1756, Casanova escaped with his prison mate, father Balbi.
A good occasion to learn how justice worked in 18th century Venice. Later on we’ll have a stroll to the medieval Corte del Milion, by the Rialto bridge. In this area, once Venice’s main trading centre, the merchant Marco Polo and his family settled after returning from China.
By reviving the true story and the big lies of the two most famous Venetians of all time we’ll catch a glimpse into Venice’s fascinating past.
(Due to the Secret Itinerary accessibility this tour can be conducted only in the morning).