Gliding down the Grand Canal

Gliding Down the Gran Canal
The unique ambience of the Grand Canal, Venice’s main waterway, inspired famous painters such as Canaletto, Turner, Monet and great writers like Théophile Gautier, Henry James, Ernst Hemingway, just to mention a few. You can experience the same feelings and enthusiasm by taking a private boat ride at sunset, and enjoy the fantastic variety of architectures, traceries and colors, the vibrating reflections on the water.
The Grand Canal is certainly a must for any traveller. Another treat is sharing with the locals the relaxed atmosphere and slow pace of their city. Away from the most touristy areas, we’ll take a stroll typically including a stop in a wine bar, where, lulled by the sweet sound of Venetian gossip, we’ll join the natives in sipping a glass of good wine and savouring delightful tiny appetizers.