Bellini, Titian and Tintoretto - The Venetian School of Color

Bellini, Titian and Tintoretto: The Venetian School of Color
Not to be missed, especially by art lovers. The huge church of the Frari possesses some absolute masterpieces of Venetian painting:  Giovanni Bellini's 1488 "Sacra Conversazione", Titian's revolutionary "Assumption of the Virgin", and his "Pala Pesaro", still on their original altars. Just a few  steps away we find the marble façade of the "Scuola di S.Rocco", once the seat of a brotherhood who strove to assist people during the plagues. Here Jacopo  Tintoretto had his greatest opportunity to express his visionary, at times almost terrific genius, achieving to some of his most unforgettable creations.