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Why Venice with us? Because we are all professional and experienced guides, native Venetians and proud to be. Because we'll use all our skills to keep you away from big groups of tourists and long lines. Because we'll be there to answer all your questions about what to visit, how to go, where to eat, where to find Because we organize exclusively tailor-made tours and never group different people together.

Far from the mad crowd. You'll feel cocooned by the silence and intimacy that only a car-free, built to human scale city like this can provide. You'll find the time to stop and appreciate its incomparable artistic patrimony, but even more to savour its way of life and popular traditions.

Not only monuments. In fact, you don't come to Venice to see art, but to live it, to understand why after so many centuries, the soul of the city, despite the increasing pressures of modern reality, still keeps shining through.

There's nothing like Venice. Embraced by the waters of its meandering canals, mirrored in a kaleidoscope of undulating reflections, the palaces, houses and churches of Venice are still there to witness the uniqueness of this town, once powerful, still haunting the collective imagination of the entire world.

We really hope that sharing with you not only our artistic and historical knowledge but also our own feelings and our love for Venice might encourage you to find your own key of interpretation to this charming yet elusive place. Sara, Roberta and Cristina.

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